Real Madrid Foundation Clinics Andorra

Real spirit

Your effort, their future

Being part of the clinics and activities carried out by the Real Madrid Foundation goes far beyond sport. All the enthusiasm and effort by the participants is translated into future opportunities for other more disadvantaged groups of children through social projects.

Thanks to your support we obtain Real Changes: promoting education, promoting equality, the practice of sport and education in values.

Thanks to your support, entirely devoted to projects in the region and the country, the activity of the Foundation has grown in its objective of promoting equality and development of groups at risk of social exclusion.

Real Spirit is to have fun with your favourite sport.

Real Spirit is to grow by helping others.

Real Spirit is to make an effort for a better future.

Being Madridista means to participate in the dreams of thousands of children worldwide, both participating in our training programs and those who are benefiting from the projects the Foundation launches every year.

Become part of this initiative and help us convey the Real Spirit.